Wednesday, 15 July 2015

How to use Skype on your Android phone for free

How to use Skype on your Android phone for free :-


To edit the video call settings:-

      Sign in to Skype.
      Click your profile picture in the right corner of the screen.
      Press the menu button on the phone or touch the menu icon.
      Select Settings.
      Scroll to the voice and video calls section.  

Make a video call with Skype for Android phones 

Watch the video to learn how to make video calls Skype for Android, in less than a minute. A step by step guide is also available below.

What do I need to start video calls with Skype for Android phones :-

If your phone meets the minimum requirements, all you need to do to start making free video calls through Skype is the latest version of Skype for Android and stable network connection.

 You can apply data charges from your operator.

To avoid data charges on a 3G or 4G network, we recommend using a WiFi connection for Skype video calls.

How do I make a video call :-

Start a video call on Skype for Android phones is easy. To make a video call:


   Sign in to Skype.
    Under People, tap the contact you want video call.
    Tap the video call icon icon video camera. to start the video call.

Alternatively, you can activate the video during a voice call from Skype to Skype. Simply click the icon of the video camera icon video camera. during a call to start sending video.

During a video call, you can:


    Touch the icon of the video camera. to switch between the front and rear cameras, or turn off the video.
    Tap the microphone icon. to mute the microphone.
    Touch the plus icon. to see more options. From the menu, you can view and send instant messages                 (or) send files during the video call.
    Tap the icon to hang. to end the video call.

If you do not see these buttons, simply tap on the screen during a video call.

When you sign in to Skype for Android with your Microsoft account, you can call your friends Messenger video, like you would with your Skype contacts.

By accepting a video call, you can choose to accept with video The video call button. or voice button voice call. only.

How I can change my settings for video call?


Your video call settings allow you to change your privacy and call quality options.

To edit the video call settings:

    Sign in to Skype.
    Click your profile picture in the right corner of the screen.
    Press the menu button on the phone or touch the menu icon menu icon ..
    Select Settings.
    Scroll to the voice and video calls section.

Here you can select from the following options:
    You receive calls from: choose who you receive Skype video calls from. You can use this option to stop     the unwanted video calls from strangers.
    You answer calls automatically: select this option if you want the incoming voice and video calls are automatically answered.
    Enable video calls: in most devices, video calling is enabled by default.
    Technical data: select this option to view technical information about your call.
    Video Quality: Choose the quality of the video call. The higher the quality, use a video data.

How do I end a video call or video call leave a window without ending the call?


You can end the video call by pressing the hang hanging red button .. If you can not see the button, simply touch the screen during a video call for video call options.

Alternatively, you can leave the video call window without ending the video call. Tap the Back button of your tablet to go one step back in Skype, or tap the home button to go to the desktop. This does not end the video call, and will appear in a small floating window in the right corner of the screen. Now you can tap the floating window back to your video call.

How I can assure the best quality video call :-

The quality of a video call depends on the available network conditions. The faster your data connection, the better the quality of the video call will be. We also recommend that you do not have a large number of other applications running at the same time, as this can use the phone's memory.
Can I start or participate in a group video call?

Unfortunately, Skype for Android does not support group video calls. You can participate in a group call, but only using audio. You will not be able to send or receive video.

Friday, 10 July 2015

How to used Airtel money

Airtel money :-

airtel money is an account in the phone, which you can load money and then use it for a range of services. You can send money, pay bills and recharge directly from your mobile

How Register using the Airtel money :-

      Step 1. Dial *400#
      Step 2. Select Language 1,English 2 TELUGU,
      Step 3. Enter a new desired 4 digit PIN
      Step 4. Confirm new PIN
      Step 5. You will receive a confirmation message

 Benfits :-


Several payments can be made from anywhere, anytime. No more waiting in lines or searching for exact change!

Easy to use:-  

Using airtel money is as easy as making a call. All you have to do is dial * 400 # and use simple interactive menu.


 Each payment must be confirmed with the secret MPIN 4 digits. So even if you lose your phone, your money is safe.

Offers :-

 airtel money gives you the unique value payments Airtel. Not only that, there are also plenty of other discounts with our partners. Visit the offers section on the website for more information

Important alerts :-

The money loaded online can be transferred to a bank account after 48 hours

Amount will be credited in the number of mobile wallet is entering here. Please do not entertain any calls / sms / email on behalf of Airtel, leading to load cash without moving any unknown for any incentives or other offers.

Convenience Fee Charged amount (debit card) Convenience Fee (credit card) :-

1. Up to100-1000. 20 Rs.
2. 2001-3000. 30
3. 3001 - Rs.  Rs 4,000. 50
4. Above. Rs 4,000 for free. 70

Terms of use :-

To complete your transaction, you will be redirected to the page of the bank guarantee. If you do not see any confirmation of payment, please check your statement / bank loan for any deductions before making another attempt. If the amount is loaded, then it reverts back to your card account / bank loan within 5 working days.

Cargo Box: AMSL never send e-mails or calls requesting confidential information from your bank account / credit card / PIN / password or personal settings, such as date of birth, maiden name of the mother / debit card, etc. . Beware of anyone who asks for this information on behalf of AMSL via emails or phone calls. While it is our continuing to offer the best services and facilities in line effort, AMSL is not responsible for the erroneous transactions or wrong made by you and / or any misuse of your bank account / debit / credit card arising from any evil or any other involuntary disclosure of such data for you. For more information, see "Important updates"

Airtel money prepaid recharge offers :-

Get full talk time on recharge your own number with prepaid Airtel Airtel money (select names only)
Get talk time as per denomination circle for different recipients
10% extra talk time on recharge of Rs. 500 or RS. 1000 (for self and others refills)

 What I can do with it? :-

You can send money to family and friends, recharge your mobile and prepaid digital television, pay bills / public mobile services, movie tickets books, pay for purchases (both in stores and online), and more with the airtel money. 

 Anybody can apply airtel money? Can I have multiple accounts? :-

Any resident of India who is 18 or older can request airtel money. Each person can consider only one airtel money on their behalf.

Airtel money details video